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We believe that everyone should have equal access to the digital world. That's why we offer Intrinsically Accessible Website (IAW) certification services to help businesses create websites that are inclusive and accessible to all.
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Imagine being able to provide a seamless online experience to people with visual, auditory, physical, and cognitive impairments. Imagine gaining the trust and loyalty of a vast community of users who value accessibility and inclusivity. By obtaining and displaying our Intrinsically Accessible Website (IAW) certification badge, you're doing just that!

Our certification process ensures that your website meets the highest accessibility standards, including compliance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). This means that your website is perceivable, operable, understandable, and robust, making it easy for all users to access and use.

Intrinsically Accessible Website (IAW)

Certificate badge - this website meets the highest standards of web accessibility.

Accessibility at the core

At JUNE / KARLOVE, we believe that accessibility is not a luxury add-on, but an integral part of creating a successful website. That's why we don't just offer pricey add-ons to make your website accessible; we create intrinsically accessible websites from the ground up.

Our team of experts ensures that accessibility is considered at every stage of the design and development process, from the initial planning to the final touches. We don't just tick boxes to meet minimum standards; we go above and beyond to create a website that is fully accessible, enjoyable, and easy to use for all individuals.

Accessibility Certification Process

In the first step we conduct an automated accessibility audit using software tools to evaluate potential accessibility issues on the website. This includes scanning the website's code and content for missing attributes, alternative text for images, non-descriptive link text, and other issues that may prevent people with disabilities from accessing the content.

However, automated tools may generate false positives or miss some accessibility problems. That is why we combine automated testing with manual testing by accessibility experts, who as well have disabilities, for a comprehensive assessment.

The second step of the accessibility certification process involves website corrections for accessibility. This step requires addressing any accessibility issues identified in the previous step through manual corrections.

Our team of accessibility experts will review the automated audit results and manually check the website to ensure all accessibility barriers are removed. This step involves ensuring proper use of heading structures, making sure all form fields are properly labeled, adding alternative text to images, and more.

Step 3 of our accessibility certification process involves manual testing by our Quality Control specialists. They use assistive technologies to check for potential accessibility barriers, such as unclear navigation and difficult-to-read text. They also test interactive elements like forms and buttons to ensure full accessibility.

Manual testing is a critical step in our accessibility certification process because it provides a comprehensive assessment of the website's accessibility. By testing the website in a real-world context, our team can identify potential barriers that may not be detected by automated tools alone.

The fourth step in our accessibility certification process is the issuance of an Accessibility Statement. This statement includes a detailed description of the WCAG success criteria that the website adheres to, as well as any potential barriers that were identified during the manual testing phase and steps that were taken to address them.

Additionally, our Accessibility Statement includes a feedback form, which can be conveniently accessed from a shortcut button, added to the bottom of the site. Feedback from allows users to submit suggestions for improvement or report any accessibility issues they may have encountered while using the website.

The fifth and final step of our accessibility certification process is the prominent incorporation of our IAW certificate badge on the website. This badge provides a sense of trust and credibility for the website owner, as it demonstrates their commitment to creating a more accessible and inclusive digital environment.

Furthermore, it assures users that the website adheres to the highest accessibility standards and is continuously working to improve its accessibility features.

Certificate badge - this website meets the highest standards of web accessibility.

Why choose our IAW certification


Commit to the Future of Accessible Digital World

By investing in accessibility now, you are ensuring that your business will be ready for the future. As digital accessibility becomes more important and regulations become more stringent, businesses that have already made their websites accessible will be ahead of the curve.

By obtaining and displaying our accessibility certification badge on your website, you are demonstrating your brand or business's commitment to creating a more accessible digital world. Not only will this help to build trust and loyalty with your customers, but it also shows that you value inclusivity and diversity.

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Improve User Experience, Boost Reputation & Sales

By making your website accessible, you are creating an environment where everyone can feel welcome, regardless of their ability, which can ultimately lead to increased engagement, improved user experience, and increased business success. You are opening up your business to a wider audience, including people with disabilities, older adults, and those using assistive technology.

Furthermore, by demonstrating your commitment to accessibility, you are improving your brand image and reputation. Customers are more likely to support a business that values inclusivity and accessibility.


Eliminate Legal Risks

Access to information and communications technologies, including the Web, is a basic human right protected by the European Accessibility Act (EAA), which promises to become the new GDPR come June 2025.

Our accessibility certification means that the website complies with at least 98% of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and its 2.1 Level AA criteria. Thus, by meeting the WCAG standards, your website fully complies with the European Accessibility Act (EAA) and is ready to meet compulsory requirements in 2025 in Europe. And that will helping you avoid legal repercussions and potential lawsuits.

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Digital Inclusivity Seal

Having an accessibility certification badge on your website is more than just a symbol. It's a testament to your commitment to creating an inclusive and accessible digital world. It's a seal of approval that says, "We care about every single user who visits our website."

Our accessibility certification badge represents a commitment to accessibility and inclusivity, legal compliance, and improved user experience for all individuals.


We are honored to collaborate and gain invaluable insights from accessibility specialists at the Lithuanian Union of the Blind and Partially Sighted (LASS).

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